The former president of the Harper Creek Community Schools Board of Education has now admitted to stealing a yard sign from a board candidate she had an apparent conflicted history with. The Battle Creek Enquirer says that Board Vice President Lisa Hubbard noticed several of her yard signs disappearing from in front of the Zaharion’s Automotive on Beadle Lake Rd, so she wanted to find out who was doing it. Video surveillance footage ended up showing a woman grabbing the sign and putting it in her SUV, and the culprit was identified as former School Board President Vikki Bauer.

Police went to question Bauer about the incident, and she admitted to taking the sign, which was found in her garage. She also admitted to the theft in a call to Hubbard, who declined to press charges. Hubbard apparently had a problem with her yard signs, as she estimated that around 40 to 50 percent of them were taken from yards, but that didn’t stop her campaign; she did end up winning reelection last week. ​

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