We are 9 weeks and a day away from the November General election. The Battle Creek City Clerk’s office, like all municipal clerks’ offices across the country, has a lot of things underway in preparation. There are two big election-related things happening items right now for the city. The first involves hiring enough election workers to handle the job. The second is processing absentee ballot requests and then handling the ballots as they come in and counting on election day. The City Clerk’s office is looking for city residents who are capable and interested in working at one of the city’s 21 precincts. Positions include chairpersons, computer operators, and election inspectors. The average pay is between $11-13 per hour. You could be assigned to assist voters at the polls, check voter registrations, enter names into poll books, and set up polling stations.  There’s a lot of work involved. Battle Creek will process about 39,000 votes in the November General Election.

Some residents as young as 16 may be considered for the job. But mainly the city is looking for those 18 and over, a US citizen, and a registered voter in the state. You also need to be available to work at any of the city’s polling locations. A critical item is having no felony convictions or having been found guilty of election crime. To apply, complete the application at the city’s website, battlecreekmi.gov/elections. Click the Election Inspectors tab. Return the application, with a copy of your driver’s license or state ID, and Social Security card, to the Clerk’s Office, 10 N. Division St., Suite 111, Battle Creek, MI 49014.

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