A 22 year old Emmett Township man has been arrested by Battle Creek police on home invasion charges, and breaking and entering. He was picked up after a woman living in the 100 block of Beckwith Drive called for help. She reported being in a back room of her home and hearing something in her living room.

As she went to check it out, she saw a rocking chair moving and then heard her front door slam shut…then spotted a man running away. Responding officers searched the area and came across a man trying to hide behind a tree.  The suspect admitted entering the woman’s home. He told officers he was simply tired and just wanted to find a place to sleep. He also admitted to going through several nearby cars and trucks that owners had left unlocked. After talking with the owners, officers determined the suspect had not stolen anything from them.

The obvious word of caution from all this is to lock the doors to your residence and vehicles if you don’t want an unwanted someone poking around in your stuff, or worse.

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