35 year old William Jones of Battle Creek is being ordered to undergo a psychiatric competency exam. Williams, also known as Billy Mexico, was captured by police during a home invasion in the Kalamazoo County community of Comstock on Sunday, the 1st. During that home invasion, he’s accused of murdering Christopher Neal who had just moved into the home along with his wife and young child.

Williams is charged with 19 crimes from that deadly evening including murder and attempted murder. The request for the competency examination came from the Kalamazoo County Prosecutors Office.

Williams hid in a room in the home after shooting Neal. Responding law enforcement officers rushed the home after Neal was shot. Williams went into a room and began shooting through the door at officers. 3 were injured but all should recover. Officers did not return for fear of wounding the residents. Neal’s wife and young child survived the home invasion without physical injuries. Williams was tackled and subdued as he jumped out a window. Only a few days before that home invasion, Williams had been released from a one year felony term the Calhoun County Jail.

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