It was around 8 AM Saturday morning, October 1st, when a United States Postal Service mail carrier was sitting in the parking lot of his assigned post office. As he was preparing to hit the road, he noticed something out of the ordinary. A man was attempting to break into the back door of the Ceresco Post Office in broad daylight. The man then attempted to enter his USPS vehicle by trying to open the passenger side door and the rear hatch door.  

The startled mail carrier promptly called 911, alerting dispatch of the situation. When Calhoun County Sheriff’s deputies arrived on the scene, the mail carrier told them that he observed the suspect fleeing the scene and entering a home across the street from the Post Office. Deputies crossed over the street and began searching the property surrounding the house.  

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During the search, deputies found that the backdoor of the house was unlocked and so they entered the home, continuing the search. While checking inside the residence, they located a male that matched the description of the wanted suspect, that the mail carrier provided. After a brief struggle with deputies, the man was taken into custody. The 26-year-old Battle Creek man then received care by the crew from the Marshall Area Fire Fighter Ambulance Authority, before being transported to the Calhoun County Jail on numerous charges, having fought the law, and the law won. 

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