A Battle Creek rape case from almost 10 years ago is now seeing movement again.

The Battle Creek Enquirer says that 48-year-old Tony Vandee was arraigned Friday for first degree criminal sexual conduct and being a habitual offender, charges that could land him in prison for life if he is convicted. The 48-year-old victim had told police that she and Vandee had been walking from the Share Center in June of 2008, when they bought a bottle of vodka and drank it under a bridge.

The woman says she fell when they were walking back to the Center, and when she asked for help Vandee allegedly ripped her clothing and sexually assaulted her. She says she passed out, and woke up in an apartment she stayed in.

Vandee has been awaiting trial on a separate sexual assault charge, and has several previous felony and misdemeanor domestic violence convictions.

These charges are now being filed as part of an effort by the Calhoun County Sexual Assault Kit Investigation team to look into cases that have sat dormant due to rape kits going untested.

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