One woman has been arrested and a warrant is being sought for her daughter after a man was struck in the face with a knife and nearly hit by a car. Officers were called to the first block of Willow Creek Drive on Battle Creek's south side at 11:53 p.m. Monday to investigate an assault. The victim, 24, said he had been drinking with family members when his cousin, 21, of Battle Creek, became upset about the way she believed the alleged victim had treated one of her friends. The friend had left but the victim said he and his cousin continued to argue until they began pushing each other. It was then that the cousin picked up a kitchen knife and threw it at the man, hitting him in the face between an eye and his nose. The victim said he then went outside to confront his aunt, 35, of Fulton, about the incident and said his aunt drove her car at him. He avoided being hit but the car struck and damaged the side of the apartment building. The aunt then left the scene but was arrested about 30 minutes later after losing control of her car and hitting a tree on Six Mile Road. She was arrested but her daughter, the man's cousin, was not found. The man sought his own treatment for injuries to his face.

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