Less than a week after a prostitution sting on Captial Avenue, Battle Creek Police arrested four individuals in an online sting.

A second round of undercover police work has resulted in the arrest of two men and two women during on Wednesday during an online prostitution sting. Officers posed as customers on websites seeking out individuals who would trade sex in exchange for money, according to the Battle Creek Enquirer. After talking online, the undercover officer and the individual would agree to a price and set up a time and place to meet.

One of the alleged prostitutes agreed to meet an undercover officer at a Battle Creek area motel for $80 in exchange for sex. The 27-year-old woman asked the officer to give the money to a man that she arrived with in a van. She was arrested for possession of crack cocaine and a charge of solicitation for prostitution. The man she arrived with was arrested on a charge of pandering or receiving the earnings of a female prostitute and his vehicle was seized by police.

An undercover female officer was used for another case to pose as a woman seeking to pay for sex with another woman. During the online exchange of messages with the boyfriend of the alleged sex worker, the undercover officer learned that the woman was in jail. The boyfriend then offered to have sex with the undercover officer in exchange for money. Once he arrived at the previously agreed upon address he was arrested for solicitation.

Battle Creek police conducted a prostitution sting on Thursday, August 20, 2020. The day long operation netted the arrest of 10 men offering money in exchange for sex, 2 women offering sex in exchange for money, six vehicle seizures as well as a bicycle seizure.

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