It's time to grab the record books in Battle Creek and make some updates. Low temperatures have shattered records in several cities as an historic stretch of cold weather continues across much of West Michigan.

At around 6:00 Wednesday evening and 4:00 Thursday morning, the mercury hit temperatures that broke two long standing record lows in Battle Creek by several degrees according to our weather almanac.

Here are the official statistics:

January 30th

Old Record: -13 (1951) 

New Record: -18 (2019)

January 31st

Old Record: -10 (1899)

New Record: -18 (2019)

Kalamazoo also broke a record that had stood for 120 years. At around 4:30 am, the temperature reached -18 breaking a record of -15 that had also been set in 1899.


Battle Creek was only six degrees away from tying the coldest temperature ever recorded in the city at -24 which was set on February 12th, 1899. It was part of the Great Arctic Outbreak which lasted from from February 10 to February 14th. It was another polar vortex event, but on a much bigger and devastating scale. All-time temperature and snowfall records from Michigan all the way to Florida were set and many of those records which still stand today.

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