If there's one thing many might agree on about the upcoming election, it's unusual. And for some, it may be frustrating; their party's nominee might not be their first choice for president.

That has left voters - including some high profile ones - having to think hard about the candidate they will choose in a few weeks.

Former U.S. Representative and Battle Creek mayor Dr. Joe Schwarz, a Republican, told The Richard Piet Show recently he would not only vote for Democrat Hillary Clinton, but calls her the better candidate.

Rep. Dr. John Bizon, Battle Creek's state representative, tells WBCK he will likely support the GOP when he votes in November, but won't make a public endorsement of nominee Donald Trump.

"I do not anticipate making an endorsement in the presidential race," Bizon told WBCK's Tim Collins. "I think that we need to have a conservative Supreme Court," Bizon added, inferring that he will, indeed, vote for Trump.

"I'll be supporting the Republican agenda," he said.

Bizon also discussed recent Freedom of Information Act-related legislation in Lansing. Hear his comments by clicking the player below.

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