As the Battle Creek City Commission prepares for a likely vote Tuesday on two ordinances meant to help curb panhandling, various people from the community have come forward to discuss the issue on WBCK.

Rev. Tom Ott of the First Congregational Church in Battle Creek offered his perspective on The Richard Piet Show.

"In the Judeo-Christian tradition, there have always been two groups that hav ebeen singled out for special favor: The poor and the alien," Ott said. "Scripture is pretty unambiguous about that: The measure of compassion is measured by our response to the poor and the alien in our midst," he said.

The measure passed its initial reading on a 5-4 vote, advancing the measure to a final vote on September 6, 2016. Generally speaking, those in favor cite a need to better control aggressive panhandling and intimidating behavior. Those against it believe the verbiage is too broad and, overall, such measures punish the poor.

Hear more of Rev. Ott's perspective by clicking the player below.

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