Battle Creek’s City Manager, Rebecca Fleury, say’s the city of Battle Creek has a $2.4 million deficit for fiscal year 2019, according to the Battle Creek Enquirer. Due to the shortfall, a review of city services and positions will take place with the possibility of permanent job eliminations.

The deficit is the result of the gradual phasing in of personal property tax exemptions for small businesses and manufacturers that started through legislation that was passed in 2012.

Municipalities should be reimbursed for the loss through the state's Local Community Stabilization Authority, but the new personal property tax reimbursement formula for Battle Creek has led to a $2.4 million deficit in the city's general fund.

The city manager's office and the city's budget team is working on recommendations on how to address the deficit for the city commission to consider in January.

The city's budget for fiscal year 2019 ending in June 2019 is $48.3 million.

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