The city’s Battle Creek Transit received one of only five Federal Transportation Administration grants to fund Michigan’s public bus systems.

Battle Creek will receive a total of $6.675 million – $5.3 million from the federal grant, plus a $1.375 state match. The funds will purchase 14 new vehicles, replacing 70 percent of the BCT fleet.

“We are so thrilled that this investment is coming to Battle Creek!” said Mallory Avis, the city’s public transit director. “This investment proves how vital public transportation is to the community and the federal and state commitment to maintaining public transportation. This is exactly the investment Battle Creek Transit needed!”

Transit will replace 10 fixed-route buses and four Tele-Transit vehicles. They will scrap the vehicles they replace, which range from 12 to 18 years old.

The transition will take place a few vehicles at a time; it takes about 18 months to get a new bus. Each fixed-route bus costs over $500,000, and will include a variety of new safety features. They will come in shades of blue, matching the branding on the new bus 632, plus more. Staff want to incorporate the Wave Park wave into the look of the bus but were previously restricted by budget.

The FTA announced today $27.8 million in transit infrastructure funding for Battle Creek, Lansing’s CATA bus system, and three Michigan Department of Transportation projects. It will support the rehabilitation and purchase of buses, related equipment, and bus-related facilities.

The FTA received 282 applications for this Grants for Buses and Bus Facilities Program, totaling $1.8 billion in funding requests.

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