The Michigan state legislature and the Governor have agreed on an extension of Michigan’s tax filing date. Local communities that impose an income tax on residents and people who work within their boundaries are now trying to make sure everyone knows what's happening. Battle Creek is among them. City administrators are posting tax filing deadline information on the city website.

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Everyone who needs to file a municipal return in Battle Creek now has until June 1st to take care of that. That’s a bit farther out than the Michigan and federal dates of May 17. Part of the reason for that is you need a completed federal return in order to complete state and local returns.

According to the city’s tax information release:
"This automatic extension to file a local return applies to all – individuals, trusts and estates, corporations, other non-corporate tax filers, and anyone paying self-employment tax. This does not apply to anyone withholding taxes. Right now, estimated tax payment due dates are the same. Penalties and interest still apply for missing those deadlines. If the IRS changes this, we will update the community."

Additionally, the city is addressing business owners:
"Payment of employee withholdings is not extended, and employers must continue to pay monthly or quarterly. Employers can sign up with the City of Battle Creek to pay their employee withholding online. Call the income tax team for details, at 269-966-3345."

The city recommends taxpayers who have not yet filed their City of Battle Creek local return to consider electronic filing. The city also recommends selecting the direct deposit option for any refund. If a tax payment needs to be made, the city would prefer that you pay electronically.

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