A Hamilton School teacher praises his grandmother's strength on twitter after beating Covid-19.

I would like to introduce you to Millie Cooper.  Millie just turned 99-years-old in May.  Just one month later her grandson Andy Losik took to twitter to celebrate the fact that she beat the Coronavirus by saying,

Words can hardly describe how relieved, thankful, and just flat out proud I am of my 99 year old grandma Millie Cooper of Battle Creek, Michigan for kicking #COVID19 square in the butt! We received word today that she’s officially recovered. Unreal!


This was followed by many people showing their support,

Nicole Green replied,

Beautiful picture. So glad she is ok! I have tons of family in Battle Creek.

Prof Asha Rao had this to say,

Woo hoo! Well done to your grandma. She is kicking goals!

Bryon Carpenter said,

Yes! That’s an answer to many prayers. Stay healthy Grandma!

Not only has Andy Losik and his grandma Millie received tons of support via twitter, but Wood TV 8 also covered the story for their "Feel Good Friday" segment last week.  In fact, Lynsey Mukomel of Wood TV 8 tweeted that Grandma Millie might be the oldest West Michigan resident to beat the virus.  That's pretty amazing.

Happy belated birthday Millie Cooper and congrats on winning your fight against Covid-19.

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