Battle Creek Police are investigating a domestic case in which a woman claims she was held hostage on two separate occasions last week after telling her husband she wanted a divorce.

Police received a call Thursday morning by a woman who said she had gone to her home on Apperson Rd to retrieve personal items when her husband grabbed her and attempted to make her stay at the house. She told officers she had left the home the day before after being held there for two days by her husband after telling him on Monday she was going to divorce him. She said at that time the husband had threatened to kill her and made her sit on the floor while he was armed with a knife, making various threats.

She was able to escape and hide outside the house until other family members came to help her. After the second incident on Thursday, police found the husband and he admitted to grabbing her by the arm so she would stay. He was arrested, but specific charges have not been disclosed.

The woman said she had been abused emotionally and physically for years.

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