The outcome of Battle Creek's state House race in the 62nd District could well decide - or help decide - the balance of power in the chamber for the next legislative session.

Incumbent Rep. Dr. John Bizon (R-Battle Creek) is concluding his first term and facing a challenge from Democrat Calhoun County Commissioner Jim Haadsma. Haadsma is foregoing a re-election bid at the County Board in order to focus on the House race against Bizon.

"This isn't the Michigan in which I grew up," Haadsma said. "I grew up in a Michigan where more voices were heard. What's motivating me is to ensure that - in a Democratically-controlled State House which I hope to be part of after January 1, 2017 - we'll have an opportunity to provide different voices besides a Republican-controlled Senate and the Republican-Controlled Supreme Court and Governor Snyder."

Haadsma discussed what he considers to be his priorities, were he to be elected, as well as challenges in schools such as in Battle Creek and Albion. Click the player below to hear his remarks.

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