The owner of Blue Moon Fitness In Battle Creek says it’s not right. But he has no choice when faced with a possible court order than to close his Beckley Road fitness center.  Joel Potter contends the virus closing orders from Governor Gretchen Whitmer make no sense. Potter says physical fitness and all that goes with that are essential factors to life. Blue Moon opened in accordance with a federal court ruling. But just hours before the courts allowed opening date for fitness clubs, an appeals panel of judges with the 6th Circuit ruled the Governor’s Executive order was valid. Blue Moon stayed open for a couple more days. But mounting pressure, including visits from Battle Creek City Police officers, and the threat of legal action by the county public health department forced Potter to close. Potter says he is attempting to contact lawyers with the firm representing a consortium of fitness clubs to potentially join in the legal battle. But in the meantime, believes he has no choice.

Potter remains frustrated about guidance from the county and the state. Posting on the Blue Moon Fitness Center Facebook page, “For now, we are closed BUT we are offering outdoor classes open to the public. We will continue to seek clarity on the parameters under which we can offer outdoor classes. We have not been able to get guidance on that at this time.” Potter says he appreciates the support of the center’s members and people throughout the community.“I would like to invite everyone to follow our page and show your support for the right to make your own choices by attending a class or two. Exercise if you want or just attend. My young staff, all local residents of Battle Creek are very demoralized as a result of not being allowed to serve their community. They deserve better.”

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