Here's what you should know about the 6 Battle Creeks in the United States of America.

We recently found out that there are 5 Kalamazoos in the U.S.  Two of which are a 30 minute or less drive away from a Battle Creek.

#1.  Battle Creek, Michigan.  Let's start with the original and largest Battle Creek.

According to Wikipedia Battle Creek's name and origins begin in 1824,

Battle Creek was named for a minor encounter on March 14, 1824, between a federal government land survey party led by Colonel John Mullett and two Potawatomi Indians, who had approached the survey camp asking for food. They were hungry because the Army was late in delivering the supplies promised them by the treaty of 1820. After a protracted discussion, the Native Americans allegedly tried to steal food. One of the surveyors grabbed his rifle and shot one of the Potawatomies, seriously wounding him. Following the encounter, the surveyors retreated to Detroit.[10]

In 2018, Battle Creek, MI had an estimated 51,247 residents.


#2.  Battle Creek, Nebraska.

It looks like Battle Creek, Nebraska has a very similar origin story to Battle Creek, Michigan according wikipedia,

In 1859, following complaints of Pawnee depredations against settlers in the Elkhorn River valley, a combined force of Nebraska Territorial Militia under the command of General John Milton Thayer and 2nd U.S. Army Dragoons under Lieutenant Beverly Holcombe Robertson prepared to attack a Pawnee village. Rather than fighting, the Pawnees surrendered before the attack could be launched. Chief Petalesharu draped an American flag over his shoulders and held a peace pipe while confronting the soldiers to stop the fight from taking place, [5] ending the Pawnee War of 1859. Although no battle occurred, the nearby stream was dubbed Battle Creek.[6] The town founded in the area in 1867 took the creek's name for itself.[7]

In 2018, Battle Creek, NE had an estimated 1,202 residents.


#3.  Battle Creek, Colorado

There is absolutely no info on this Battle Creek to be found on the internet outside of a map search.  What I can tell you is that Battle Creek, CO is right on the state line of Wyoming.


#4.  Battle Creek, Iowa

This city was named after a stream in Ida County according to Wikipedia,

Battle Creek had its start in the year 1877 by the building of the Chicago and North Western Railway through that territory.[4] It was named after nearby Battle Creek.[5] The town was incorporated in 1880.[4] It is referenced in the 2011 film Butter as the birthplace of fictional character, Bob Pickler.

In 2016, Battle Creek, IA had an estimated 678 residents.


#5.  Battle Creek, South Carolina

This Battle Creek is known for its beautiful Battle Creek Falls.  You can see pictures by clicking here.  What they're not known for is having a population.  No origin or population information can be found for this tiny town.


#6.  Battle Creek, Virginia

This Battle Creek is the home of the Page County landfill in Virginia.  It is an unincorporated community with no population info available.


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