Have you ever had a strange occurrence happen in your house that you just couldn't explain? Personally, there have been a number of times where I've felt something, heard something, or seen something that made me question if it was what I thought it was. One such occurrence may have just happened to a man in Bay City who recently uploaded a door cam video of what appears to be an apparition opening his screen door, leaving the house, and walking down the porch.

Hello, my name is Scott and I have a camera on my front porch, it picked this up today at 3:22pm, could someone explain this to me please.

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Somebody even pointed out what seems to be a second apparition in the video:

It's weird cuz there are two shadows. A smaller one to the left and a taller one to the right. The door opens to the left in the cam view, right? So, if it Is a hoax (just have to consider it) the image on the right was coming out of a door on the right where it hinges.
While some are questioning whether or not someone may have passed away in the house, and if it could possibly be their spirit, one person took the video to crack jokes:
You're such a crappy roommate the ghosts decided to leave.
What's your take on the video? Do you really think there was a spirit or do you think this is once again a case of the camera catching a strange glare?

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