The Better Business Bureau of Western Michigan is warning against a number of scams con artists are using to cheat citizens out of cash.

Some of them sound legit according to Terry Glenn, BBB director of operations, but she offers some information to help see through them before you get taken.

"There are many scams out there," Glenn tells The Richard Piet Show on WBCK. Some of them originate locally, others are global and zero in on citizens anywhere. Here's the top ten scams as of right now, according to the BBB:

1.IRS Impersonator Phone Calls

2. Government Grant Scams

3. Sweepstakes and Lottery Prize Notifications

4. Grandparent Scam

5. Scams Involving Reloadable Debit Cards

6. Counterfeit Checks

7. Bogus Computer Technicians

8. Craigslist Apartment or Housing Scams

9. Employment Scams

10. Yellow Pages Listings

Click the player below to hear each of them explained, as well as how to tell they are scams. Thursday on The Richard Piet Show at 8:08am, Luis Garcia of the IRS will elaborate on the number one scam on the list, as well as others in which scammers use the IRS name to cheat citizens out of money.

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