An announcement on whether or not the Battle Creek area will be home to a new missile defense site is set to come in the next few months.

For several years now, the Department of Defense has been evaluating Fort Custer Training Center in between Augusta and Battle Creek, along with sites in Ohio and New York, for the Continental United States Interceptor Site, or CIS; once constructed this site would serve as a line of defense in case the US were ever under attack by missiles.

The Battle Creek Chamber of Commerce noted last Thursday that with the release of the DoD’s 2019 Missile Defense Review, the Secretary of Defense has 90 days to make an announcement on where the CIS will be located. That means the announcement is due by April 17.

In May of last year Congressman Fred Upton sent a letter to Secretary of Defense James Mattis on the issue, urging the choice of Fort Custer, citing “overwhelming” support from “elected officials, local businesses, economic development organizations, educational institutions, unions, and residents.” He also says Battle Creek is ideal due to its strategic location, and the ease with which the system could be installed.

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