You might know Kimber Thompson from her radio reports on 95.3 WBCK from the Calhoun Visitors Bureau.  But she's also becoming known for some very interesting art work.   Thompson is one of several people painting murals on the side of buildings, including one recently at the Hair Shed on Michigan Avenue.   It's part of "Color the Creek". 

The Hair Shed mural at 70 East Michigan is a tribute to military veterans from Battle Creek.  Thompson, of Marshall, says the project was started by Justin Andert in 2016. She says the Battle Creek Community Foundation has supported the project with grants.

Cereal Festival 2017-Believe

Thompson says she's always wanted to paint on the side of buildings and she started doing fences and large canvasses.  Now she's done five buildings in the past two years.

Thompson says she approached Hair Shed owner Ken Bennett with a few ideas, and they settled on an American flag and a salute to Battle Creek military history.  She superimposed paintings of Polaroid snapshots of Battle Creek military history.  Below the flag, she's painted captions explaining more about the pictures.

Color The Creek-Hair Shed, 70 East Michigan Avenue

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