We grew up with stories of buried treasure, riches hidden in caves and millions that went down in a sunken ship.  The stories were mostly fiction but there were some actual occurrences that professional treasure hunters set out to uncover and get rich.

These days the only way to fall ass-backwards into a pile of money is to win the lottery, inheritance, gambling, the stock market or stealing.  Oh wait, you could become a YouTube star and rake it in.  Now there's a way to get it old school.  An actual treasure hunt.

There's a guy named Johnny Perri in Macomb County that has been a jeweler all his life and he's ready to retire.  But instead of taking all the inventory to sell, he and his wife Amy decided to bury it across the state and we're talking about a million dollars worth of diamonds, gold and rare coins.

Apparently, they traveled around Michigan and buried treasure complete with GPS trackers.  It took about four months choosing locations special to his life and that of his marriage to his wife.

Here's where the fun begins.  They're selling tickets to what they're calling "Treasure Quests" and with each ticket comes a set of clues.  The first treasure quest starts on August 1st with many more to follow.  Johnny thinks it should only take a week for a person with the smarts and the love of adventure.

Tickets for the first quest are $49.00 which is pretty reasonable just for the opportunity.  if you'd like to be a treasure hunter go to johnnystreasurquest.com.

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