The state of Michigan is home to many different kinds of snakes and personally, I am not of fan of any of them.  As a matter of fact, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources says there are at least 17 different species you can find all over our great state. Yep, that's a lot.

I don't know about you, but I don't want any of these critters in my house. So let's not give them an invitation to slither in for a visit no matter how short or long if you know what I mean.

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Whether is a black rat snake, blue racer, brown snake, fox snake, or a simple northern water snake, we don't want them in our yard, let alone in our home. Yes, there are ways to help prevent these snakes from coming into your house.

Tips To Keep Snakes Out

So here is the deal, here are some tips to avoid bringing more snakes close to your home. For one, you need to remove some things from your yard now says

Tire swings.  Rain will help keep water in the tire, if you must keep it, drill holes in the bottom so it drains.

Birdbaths and bird feeders.  Birds splashing in the water can attract snakes, thinking it could be their next meal.

Woodpiles and lumber. Stacks of firewood are a comfy home for snakes and they would be hard to spot when you gather wood for the fire.

Garden hoses. Not only a wet shelter for snakes, but they may think some cousins came to visit, Ha.

Compost. If you make your own compost (fertilizer) like any meat or dairy, It can be mighty inviting to pests.

This Will Really Help Keep Snakes out

Keep this in mind too, you can use old rags soaked in ammonia, put them in some areas in your yard that may be inviting to snakes. Maybe even at the foundation of your house.

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