There is now irrefutable proof via border patrol interviews, video and pictures that Biden and his fellow Democrats are actually keeping up to 15,000 children in actual cages with some being made of plexiglass.  The silence by the news and the Democrat voters is deafening.

I give a lot of credit to Texas Democrat Congressman Henry Cuellar, whose district is on the border between Texas and Mexico.  He was one of the first who showed pictures of children “packed into glass-walled rooms, lying shoulder-to-shoulder on thin mattresses, many covered with foil blankets amid the escalating crisis” according to the New York Post. Rep. Cuellar informed us of the Biden administration illegally holding these children far longer than the 72-hour limit, some more than 10 days counting.

Last week Senator Ted Cruz and other 17 Republicans informed the world via a press conference that they took a boat tour with the Texas Department of Public Safety and met with border patrol agents in McAllen Texas and toured the banks of the Rio Grande River and the Donna, Texas CBP facility.

Fox News reported that at that press conference Senator Cruz stated:

“Today we visited detention facilities, in particular the [town of] Donna detention facility which is a giant tent-city that has been constructed in response to this overwhelming crisis that’s unfolding on the border. And the capacity in the Donna facility with COVID restrictions is 250 people. It has right now about 4,000 people in it. So it is over 1500% of its capacity.

And we saw the Biden cages. We saw cage after cage after cage that the Biden administration has filled with kids. They are packed in there. They’re not 6 feet apart or 3 feet apart. They’re side by side. And the rate of COVID positivity in the Donna facility is about 10%.

What they’re doing is inhumane, it’s unconscionable, and it was preventable. It’s the direct result of political decisions the Biden administration has made.”

Yet we hear nothing from the mainstream “news” hounding the Biden administration, the elected Democrat politicians or the people who voted for this about these children being caged like animals.  

The Daily Caller reported that Senator Cruz went on to say:

“We requested that media accompany us in the facility. The Biden administration said no. But the Biden administration wants to hide what is going on here. The Biden administration sent down political handlers to try to keep silent, to try to keep the American people not knowing what’s going on.  The Donna facility is a giant tent city, built with a capacity of 250, it has nearly 4000 people in it. We saw cages after cages after cages of little girls and little boys, lying side by side touching each other, covered with reflective emergency blankets

“There was no six-foot space, there was no three-foot space, there wasn’t a three-inch space between the children lined up one after the other after the other. This is inhumane. It is wrong, and it is the direct consequence of policy decisions by the Biden administration to stop building the wall, to return to catch and release, and to end the stay in Mexico policy. It is a crisis. It is a tragedy, and it is a man-made crisis. This was avoidable, this was preventable, and regardless of your party, Republican or Democrat, you should look at what’s going on here, and say enough is enough, this must stop”

You must ask yourself why the Detroit News, Free Press, Lansing State Journal, MLive, the National news are not reporting their concerns for these children, do they not care? 

Is it similar to how they do not care about the woman who come forward about the sexual harassment, sexual abuse or actual rape perpetrated against them by Democrat politicians including Biden (see Tara Reade)? 

Why aren’t the local news affiliates and their national counterparts also reporting about this daily and asking the Democrat politicians and voters how they feel about the person and people they voted for putting children in cages?

Where is the humanity of all these people?

If people believe the mainstream "news" media actually reports the news fairly they are living in another world.  The media as we know it has been slowly dying over the decades and ended up succumbing to their illness during the President Trump years and have moved on to meet their fate in hell.

They truly have become the enemy of the people.

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