In the aftermath of Sunday's revelation that basketball great Michael Jordan still, to this day, 'hates' the Bad Boys era Detroit Pistons, comes this retort from the baddest boy, Bill Laimbeer. 

Appearing with reporter Rachel Nichols on ESPN, former Pistons Isiah Thomas and Bill Laimbeer were asked to give their reactions to NBA Hall of Famer Michael Jordan's revelation that he to this day 'hates' the Pistons and that Thomas is an 'a**hole'.

While Thomas was repentant, and offered regrets, Laimbeer was having none of it.

"Why would I regret it now, today? I don't care what the media says about me. I never did," Laimbeer told Nichols. "If I did, I'd be a basket case, especially back then."

"They whined and cried for a year and a half about how bad we were for the game, but more importantly, they said we were bad people," Laimbeer added. "We weren't bad people. We were just basketball players winning, and that really stuck with me because they didn't know who we were or what we were about as individuals and our family life."

Thank you for speaking truth to Jordan, Bill. It's why we loved you then, and even more now.

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