Don’t be surprised to find Bobby Holley out and about performing live this weekend in Battle Creek.  The community activist and entertainer stopped by WBCK today to tell us about his plan to hit the streets with his microphone to “spread love, peace, and joy in the community during these real tough times.”

Holley says he’s going to be doing a variety of upbeat songs live, as a one-man-band, but he’s not saying where he’ll be, other than around downtown Battle Creek.  He says he doesn’t want to attract crowds to maintain social distancing.  He says he’ll just “pop up” at locations around town, do a half-hour show, and head off to another location.   Look for him to show up and sing hit songs of soul, pop, country, and gospel and put some “cheer into our city.”

He started Friday afternoon and says he’ll keep it up on Saturday and Sunday, as long as the weather is decent.

Holley acknowledges that it’s a tough time for music performers at every level.  “I think of the families of so many musicians who haven’t been able to work since last March,” said Holley.   That’s not to mention the fact that many musicians and artists have a need to perform, and that might be part of what is driving Holley to entertain this weekend.

Holley has been involved in many campaigns be bring awareness to community issues in Battle Creek.  Recently, he’s been a voice against bullying, crime, and violence.

Bobby Holley-TSM Photo
Ba Bobby Holley-TSM Photo
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