The City of Battle Creek says that a portion of the town in the Lakeview area is now under a boil water advisory.

The City says Monday morning that a portion of the water system had to be shut down for work on the water main, and when that happens there is always the chance for bacteria to enter the water supply. As a precaution, the following streets are under a boil water advisory until further notice:

- Circle Dr. between LaVista Blvd. and LaVista Blvd.

- LaVista Blvd. between Orleans Ave. and Columbia Ave.

- Orleans Ave. between LaVista Blvd. and Beckman Ave.

The City of Battle Creek says that before using water for drinking, making ice, brushing teeth, washing dishes or food preparation, make sure to bring it to a boil for at least a minute. Or, you could just use bottled water.

Boil water advisories typically last at least 24 hours, but can be extended.

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