When the Chevrolet Volt all-electric sedan hit the market several years ago, it made waves. It was truly the first all-electric mass production car made by one of the major American automakers. But, it suffered from some drawbacks immediately.

It was expensive. It stickered over $40,000 - and even with a government tax break to buy it, the car was still pricey. Especially when you consider its range: About 35 miles per charge.

Now, General Motors has a new entry into the EV market: The Bolt crossover. And this time, they've listened to those concerns.

The Bolt, a 2017 model, boasts a price tag that's more affordable than the Volt sedan (GM says after the tax credit, the Bolt comes in under $30K) and a range far longer, too. The Bolt has a 200-mile range on one charge.

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As I stood there looking at it at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit recently, I couldn't help but start calculating how many trips back and forth to the station that would get me.

Thing is, gas prices are well below $2 per gallon, will it make a splash? Hard to say. It seems Americans would rather have bigger, gas powered vehicles - and have a hard time choosing an EV unless they're forced into it.

On the other hand, the Bolt should help make the EV a better choice.

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