Two young girls made a bombshell of a discovery in a lake near Flint, Michigan.

Nine and ten year old friends Paige and Sage were swimming in Lobdell Lake, Southwest of Flint, playing a game they call mermaid when they made a discovery that was more explosive than enchanting. It had fins, but this was no fish; these would-be sirens discovered a World War I ordinance.

The missile was half-buried in silt, underwater near the slide where the girls discovered it. With the help of Sage's mother, MLive reports it was only when they pulled the heavy object from the lake that they began to have some serious concerns.

When they realized what it was they said 'leave it alone.' It's quite a relic. We had called the police and they called the bomb squad in and they said they have seen these before and they are usually around Lake Huron.
-Yvonne Burnett, Paige's grandmother in MLive

The Michigan State Police bomb squad did respond to the call and carefully drilled a hole in the ordinance. Nothing but mud oozed out.

Watch the video below and hear the girls tell the story they will be telling for the rest of their lives in their own words.


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