13-year-old Landen Risner from Sherwood in rural Branch County has died.  Landen was critically injured when he and several siblings were struck by a vehicle as they were riding their bicycles near their home. The driver fled the scene without stopping to check on the kids. That happened on Monday the 5th. The others were not hurt as seriously.

Landen has been in critical care at a Kalamazoo hospital since the hit and run crash.  The family is posting a notice on a support group page on Facebook that Landen died early yesterday morning.  His condition appeared to be improving late last week and his connection to a ventilator had been removed but then took a critical turn for the worse.

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State Police continue to review the case. They’re waiting for lab results from a voluntary blood draw from the suspected driver in the hit-and-run crash. Tips from area residents helped them locate the suspected driver. Troopers caught up with the unidentified suspect at a residence near Sturgis.   Once located by Troopers, the driver is said to have been cooperative. A vehicle matching the description of the one involved in the crash was found at his residence. The driver submitted to a blood draw and the sample was sent to a State Police lab in Lansing.  The results are presumably in hand. It would be pure speculation at this point how Troopers will handle the case at this point.

A moderator on the Risner family support group on Facebook is posting,

We honor Landen for the special boy that he was and special time we had with him on this earth.   He will remain with all of us forever in our hearts.  Thank you for all of your love, generosity, prayers and support.  All of you helped make a difference and gave Landen the best chance he had to fight and for that we are grateful to all of you.

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