The terrorist who was attempting to blow something up in New York City but only was able to blow himself up came to the United States via Chain Migration.

What is Chain Migration?

Chain Migration is the process by which foreign nationals are allowed to permanently resettle within the United States and then subsequently bring over their foreign relatives, who then have the opportunity to bring over their foreign relatives, until their entire extended families are resettled right here in the good old U.S.A.

These new arrivals are not reviewed for what they may contribute to the United States, they just have to have a relative here,

His name Akayed Ullah and is now a former New York City cab driver who entered the United States with his parents on a family immigrant visa in 2011. He is a lawful permanent resident who resided in Brooklyn.

He was not only granted a visa in 2011 via Chain Migration but his chain was linked to a relative who won the diversity visa lottery. Yes can you believe we have a lottery for people to be able to immigrate to the United States.

Well a chain could go two ways, what about this idea. Since you and your family used the chain to come here you can use that same chain to leave.

What do I mean?

If your relative commits an act of terrorism then everyone in that chain in which you arrived get’s a ticket back home to the country they came from. That will certainly make the families think about who they want to sponsor in their family and report on them if they suspect them of being radicalized.

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