You are not going to believe this one!

Our government officials, both the Bureaucrats and elected politicians, have no idea how  many departments and agencies there are in our government.

If this does not prove to you that our government has grown too large, nothing will.

At first I laughed, and then I got angry.

How dare these fools try and tell us they know what they are doing when they have no idea how many agencies and departments there are.

You would think that is an easy question.

I am not looking for them to know exactly the number off the top of their heads, but they should be able to find out in minutes.

As reported in The Washington Examiner, a federal watchdog group, the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) found out that our government has lost count of just how many departments and agencies we have.

The CEI has been given ranges from government officials and documents of anywhere between 60 to 430 departments and agencies.

CEI found in the Administrative Conference of the United States source book a list of 115 agencies in the appendix but adds "[T]here is no authoritative list of government agencies."

It gets worse!

According to the article, when CEI started to dig into this apparently extremely hard question, they found an online Federal Register Index of 257, the United States Government Manual lists 316 and the 2015 Senate Judiciary Committee hearing during which a senator listed over 430 departments, agencies and sub-agencies.

All I can really say is, you have got to be kidding me.

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