A citizen of Burlington Township is attempting to recall half of their township board.

The Calhoun County Clerk’s Election’s Office says that registered elector LaShelle Waltz filed recall petition language with them, to get Burlington Township Clerk Darlene Mack, Treasurer Susan Mack, and Trustee Bill Brenner out of office. The petition language says that all three should be recalled for “voting ‘no’ on milling and processing of Lumber Text Amendment” last November; the language for Trustee Brenner also claims he missed 4 township meetings in a row from December to this March.

As Burlington Township does not appear keep online records of their meeting agendas, it’s not clear what that Lumber Text Amendment actually aimed to accomplish.

The Calhoun County Election Commission will be holding a hearing on Thursday, May 30, to determine if this recall language is factual and clear. It’s not for the purpose of debating the merit of the allegations.

If the Commission approves the language, the petitioners will need to gather 199 valid voter signatures for a recall election to be held this November.

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