Buzz Aldrin is now 90 years old. Like all 90-year-olds, he lives in Florida. And like all 90- year-olds, he has some great pictures and memories of a big trip he took in 1969. Un-like most 90-year-olds, that trip was to the moon.

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After walking on the moon, Buzz and Neil Armstrong and Michael Collins came back to Earth and had to spend three weeks in quarantine. According to a piece he wrote for Florida Today, the lockdown we're in right now has a lot in common with their quarantine after they got back from the moon. Except, they didn't have all the tech you do.

...we did not have computers for work or entertainment. We did not have mobile phones, computer games, apps, cable news, sports, education, or entertainment stations.


Buzz advises, with all that time on your hands, do what they did - slow down, take stock of what you've been through and plan for the future. Now's a good time for thinking.

The key is using it well, adapting to social isolation, keeping perspective, being content, productive and peaceful, despite the layered stress.

Who's gonna argue with a guy who's been to the moon and made it to the age of 90?

Not me.

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