Calhoun County health administrators have been keeping a close eye on three area schools recently.  They remain on the list of schools throughout Michigan that are experiencing what the state references as sites experiencing ongoing outbreaks of the COVID-19 virus.

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Lakeview High School has been on the weekly updated list now for almost a month. 4 students are involved. It only takes two students, staff, or teachers at a school for it to be listed by the state as either a new or ongoing outbreak.

The other two schools in the county with ongoing virus issues are Albion’s Harrington Elementary with a combination of 15 staff and students contracting the virus. And Marshall High School with 4 students involved in that case.

Hillsdale College is still on the ongoing outbreak list. It’s been there since last September. The state reports 344 students and faculty at Hillsdale have been hit by the virus.

Portage Central Elementary in Kalamazoo County has been lingering on the ongoing list now since March. Portage Central High Schools outbreak start list has been pulled from the state’s reporting – it’s still on the ongoing list with now 43 faculty and staff linked to COVID-19.

It seems like Western Michigan University may not ever be taken off the ongoing list. The state reports well over 900 students and faculty with the virus there, and the state has removed the start date from its reporting spreadsheet. Same with the start date for Kalamazoo College which also lingers on that list now with not quite 40 students and faculty contracting the virus.

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