A member of the Calhoun County corrections staff has shown symptoms of COVID-19 and probably has the virus.   A news release from the County said officials were notified on Thursday, April 23. They said that the corrections deputy does not have responsibilities that involved direct contact with inmates and that the officer is self-isolating at home.

Also on April 23, an inmate was admitted with COVID-19 symptoms, including elevated temperature. This was identified immediately during the intake process and all precautions were put in place. The inmate was placed in a medical negative pressure isolation cell and tested. Officials say this is being treated as a probable case, results are pending and there is no connection between these two cases.
Prior to the announcement the County had sent an update stating that 177 cases had been identified so far.  That number was as of April 23, at 11:30 a.m. with a total of 6 deaths attributed to COVID-19 and 48 cumulative hospitalizations.

Health officials say it is important for the community to remember that we are still on our projected COVID-19 case upswing. As the virus progresses in its spread, they hope to see a peak in positive cases soon, but they say that Calhoun is not there yet. Officials say continuing to do your part by following CDC guidance remains crucial at this time.

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