Calhoun County is among many in Southern Lower Michigan reporting what appears to be an upswing in COVID-19 virus number for another week. Along with several schools being placed on the new outbreak list, and several with ongoing outbreaks, the general population is also affected.

The latest numbers from the Calhoun County Public Health Department show 22 area residents are hospitalized for virus-related treatment.  Since the outbreak began last year, 414 county residents have been taken to area hospitals for long-term virus care. Maybe the two most telling statistics are the total number of confirmed cases and the deaths attributed to the virus.

Total cases since last March now stand at 9,350. That is not quite 7 percent of the county’s total population. The department reports 227 county residents have died with the virus playing at least some role in their deaths. That’s 0.163 percent of the total county population.  One hundred sixty-three thousandths. That's well under 2 tenths of one percent.

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Michigan’s Department of Health and Human Services reports the total statewide positive virus cases are numbering 652,569. That’s just under 6.6% of Michigan’s total population. The number of deaths attributed to the virus - 16,026. That’s 0.161 percent of the total number of Michigan residents. One hundred sixty-one thousandths.
Those numbers are more than enough for many in Michigan to say strict controls and shutdowns are needed to save lives.

There’s also a lot of people in Michigan, including a large percentage of the state’s conservative Republican state lawmakers who claim tremendous damage is being done to the state. They say government attempts to manage a viral illness are leading to state-mandated controls which are much more harmful than the virus.

Here are some tips for self-care during the pandemic:

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