Calhoun County Michigan Public Health Department just created and published guidance on “K-12 School COVID-19 Isolation Requirements”.  The guidance covers the following:

  • What to do if you test positive for Covid-19
    1. What day is considered day 0?
    2. What do you do on day 5?
    3. What do you do on day 6?
    4. What do you do on days 10 and 11?

All of those questions are answered on a very nicely laid-out calendar.

  • What do you do if you’re exposed to someone with Covid-19
    1. They answer the questions “if you” and “then you” depending on if you are vaccinated or not.

They supply a very nicely laid out calendar if you need to quarantine depending if you are “staff or student if you’re exposed to someone with Covid-19 in a school setting or outside of a school associated setting.

  • “This applies to individuals (5-17-year-olds) that are not fully vaccinated, 18 and older and who have not received all recommended doses of vaccines or individuals that have not been infected in the past 90 days.”

This guidance gives general principles for parents and guardians as well as for school administrators.

Their guidance ends with “What Mask Should I Wear”?

  • What protection do cloth masks, surgical masks or “high filtration masks” gives you?

There is quite a bit of information provided in this guidance.  Please go to the Calhoun County Public Health Departments' website for more.

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