Calhoun County Prosecutor David Gilbert is not the first prosecutor involved in the now-well-known Lorinda Swain case, but he was the last. Still, he tells WBCK, he agrees with the course the former prosecutors took in the case.

"The defense claimed that the detective in the case had interviewed someone in the case, then didn't report that interview," Gilbert said, which was the issue at the center of the Michigan Supreme Court decision that Swain was entitled to a new trial. The detective has since died, prohibiting pursuit of that assertion.

Still, Gilbert tells WBCK he knew the detective and doesn't believe that person would omit an interview in the case, but he respects the decision of the Supreme Court.

Also key in the case is the recanting of the allegations of molestation by Swain's adopted son, which makes pursuing another case difficult. Hear Gilbert's remarks by clicking the player below.

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