Calhoun County leaders are hoping you will take some time to not just respond to a survey about the need for expanded broadband internet service in the county.  They’d like you to play an active role in pursuing what they believe is an absolute need to address what began as an equity issue. There are some who believe people who can’t afford broadband coverage, or who live in areas where it is not readily available, are being cheated out of something they deserve to have. And the government needs to take action to rectify the imbalance.

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The Calhoun County Board of Commissioners earlier this year moved to set up a county task force to address broadband issues. It’s an advisory panel that does not have the power to order things to happen. But the task force certainly has the support and ear of county commissioners.

The new county-wide survey on broadband issues is continuing well into September so there’s plenty of time to get involved.

The survey web page indicates that so far, public funding is not being sought to end the lack of equitable access to broadband. “This survey provides accurate data regarding which properties have Internet access and the affordability of the access if available. Information gathered will only be used to support broadband Internet expansion efforts and will aid the committee in seeking grant funding to increase broadband availability in Calhoun County.”

An information release from Calhoun County seems to lean in a different direction. It states, “Accurate and detailed data demonstrating the gaps in internet coverage is necessary in order to satisfy state laws outlining the process for local governments to work with the private sector to provide internet services. This information will also be used to request state and federal funding for building out the Broadband infrastructure.”|

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