One of the things I've tried to accomplish since becoming a west-sider is hit up all the best trails and nature walk sites in the Southwest Michigan area. I know I've got a long way to go, but I've found some of my go-to spots that I like to frequent. One thing that always gets me is finding out that some of these hiking spots have a history to them, and remnants of that history still remain. Kind of like Asylum Lake. once reported that it was once a, "Colony Farm and recreation experiment. Five cottages were constructed, as well as heating and water plants. Many of the buildings were connected by tunnels." One of the entrances to the tunnels may have even been discovered, even though Facilities Management at WMU said that "any tunnels and underground structures not already sealed or demolished were dynamited, as further deterioration was making them unsafe." But what about old houses?

Photo by u/nareal1215 on Reddit
Photo by u/nareal1215 on Reddit

Recently on Reddit, someone asked about an old chimney, that was just sitting in the middle of the woods at the Wolf Lake State Fish Hatchery in Mattawan. I have found no history of housing on that property and it seems like the only ones who may be able to help is either a librarian or someone who works at Wolf Lake. It's possible that there were once houses or at least one that belonged to this before being turned into the hatchery. It's known to be one of the nicest places to spend time at locally, this is just an interesting and strange feature. I'm going to contact them and hopefully get an answer.

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