We are told hundreds of times a week that if a person decides they are something they are not we are all supposed to be quiet and accept whatever they believe they are.

So I ask you will those who continue to not believe in biology or science now believe if someone identifies as a vaccinated person they will fully accept and embrace them as a Covid-19 vaccinated person?

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That is what a county in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan is betting on due to their lower recorded rates of Covid-19 vaccinations.  Bizpacreview is reporting that residents of Luce County Michigan believe they should. 

Kerry Ott, the public information officer for the counties of Luce, Mackinac, Alger, and Schoolcraft (LMAS) health department said:

“We saw that same hesitation when we would hold drive-through testing events last summer and last fall in our counties...And it was always, our slowest one was Luce.”

Kerry Ott then went on to say:

“A lot of people are using the phrase, ‘I identify as fully vaccinated’ and taking their masks off...I’m not kidding. …They’re not vaccinated, but they’re going to take their masks off.”

If they self-identify as a fully COVID-19 vaccinated person how dare anyone questions them.  Those that do must be racist and “self-identifiedvaccineaphobic”.  Yes, I did just make that word up but it certainly fits the times does it not?  If the left, including the media, can change the definitions of words I can certainly add one to our vocabulary/lexicon.

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