You can tell by the cars that this was the 1920's or so.   It's a prominent street corner in Battle Creek.   Need another hint?

Willard Library Archive

You can tell by the doors on the corner that it's a church.   In fact, it's the old Presbyterian Church.  It was completed on February 3rd, 1896  at cost of $16,000.

Here's a view showing it in an almost rural-looking setting.

Willard Library Archive

In 1926 the church was considering a “skyscraper” on this downtown site, with 10 floors, and retail space on lower floors with the church on top.  The famous architect A. B. Chanel drew the plans, but they eventually decided to move to Capital Avenue, where the new church was dedicated 1928.

-Willard Library Archive

Here's the church in the background as the Post Building was being constructed.

For those with a knowledge of the Post Tavern, this might give it away.  The Church is on the left.

Still can't name it?'s a big hint.  Once the church was torn down, this building went up in its place and it's still there.

J.C. Penney-Willard Library Archive

And in the 60's, the name on the front changed.

Coles c.1986 Willard Library Archive

Ok.  If you're from Battle Creek, you should know which corner we're talking about now.

TSM photo more hint.  This is what it should look like in a few months.

Rendering from BCU and New Holland Brewing

It's the Northeast Corner of West Michigan and North McCamly Streets.  New Holland Brewing Co. is now projected to open in Battle Creek in the summer of 2020.

It hasn’t been easy for New Holland Brewing Co. to begin construction of its downtown Battle Creek brewing, but they are finally ready to begin.

The brewery received a $968,500 grant from the Michigan Economic Development Corporation