Online scamming is nothing new to Michigan residents. People across the state are regularly targeted. Most of the time the attempts fail. But enough scammers are successful they aren’t giving up. The new round of threats surrounds the extended period of enrollment with the Health Insurance Marketplace.

It’s a prime opportunity for scammers to sell fake policies to people, and get personal information to use for more ID crimes. It’s a bad thing to fall and a windfall for the thieves. That’s why we need to pay close any time we buy something online or share personal information with someone we’ve never met and really don’t know from Adam. Or Eve.

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Michigan’s Department of Insurance and Financial Services reports a new round of scam attempts focused on fake health insurance plans. Some of the scammers hitting Michigan are even trying to pass themselves off as being connected to the new “BidenCare” insurance. Seriously. Of course, there is no such thing.

First and foremost, think before you start dealing with someone over the phone or even knocks at your door. Yes, some of the scammers are trying door-to-door approaches. You never freely give your personal information to anyone you don’t know and you are unable to verify they represent a valid insurer or medical care provider.

Your best bet is to go directly to, or to the website of a known insurer. Never trust the HTTPS indication of a secure site as a validation of the identity of the owner of a website. Even crooks can get safety certificates for scam sites. You can also get information and help to select a health care plan by visiting the State of Michigan Health and Human Services Department website.

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