As candidates for governor are beginning to declare their candidacies, the race to replace term-limited Michigan Governor Rick Snyder is on.

One of them, self-proclaimed progressive Democrat Shri Thanedar, took a stab at what is perhaps the most obvious vulnerability of the Snyder Administration: The Flint water crisis.

"Something like Flint, Michigan would never have happened on my watch," Thanedar told 95.3 WBCK. "As a scientist, I understand the mistakes that were done and now I understand what needs to be done to fix those..."

Thanedar, an immigrant from India, makes his home in Ann Arbor and is a PhD scientist and small business owner who recently sold his businesses to focus on life in public service. In addition to the criticism of the Snyder Administration, Thanedar also calls for bipartisanship and collaboration.

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