Movie fans in Coldwater and across Southwest Michigan can't wait for Spring, and neither can the Capri Drive-In. The theater has targeted their 2020 opening date for the season.

In a Facebook post that thrilled movie fans and popcorn lovers, the Capri Drive-In of Coldwater revealed their plans for opening day of the 2020 season.

Hey everyone! Tom has decided that he's going to target March 20/21 as opening weekend for this year. Please keep in mind that these opening dates are TENTATIVE for the moment and if the weather cooperates AND the premises back "at the show" dry up in time then he'll open the place back up.

We're looking forward to being open again. Stay tuned right here and we'll keep everyone posted as to whether we'll be able to open on our target date or not.
Fingers crossed that we get to see you all again soon!

Movies to look forward to on the biggest screen around include Top Gun: Maverick, Wonder Woman 1984, Black Widow, Ghostbusters: Afterlife, Tenet, Candyman, and many more sequels and even a few originals this Summer.

So, cross your fingers for warm weather, pass the popcorn and please turn off your lights and we'll see you at the drive-in.

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