Normally when you find something great in the wilderness, it's good to leave a trail, sometimes bread crumbs or a piece of candy; At least that's what they use on TV. But when you crash a car that you stole, it's probably not best to leave a trail leading back to your meth lab, I don't know, just an idea. That's basically what happened this past weekend leading to the arrest of two people, with a third still at large.

In an unbelievable story of dumb luck, and let's be honest, just plain dumb, police were able to track down a car that was stolen from Kalamazoo. Unfortunately, when they found the car it had been crashed into a tree in the 27000 block of 6th Avenue in Pine Grove Township, according to WWMT. When the Van Buren County cops discovered the crash on Sunday, January 3rd, they noticed footprints from a stolen vehicle crash leading to a meth lab in a home.

After conducting an interview at the house they were able to lock down who the three suspects were, residents of Gobles. Police followed two of the suspects to a gas station upon arriving at the address, and after refusing to comply when approached, the cops made a forceful arrest against the two suspects who were in possession of meth. A 25-year-old female from Schoolcraft is still wanted for the crimes.

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