Without a doubt, my least favorite thing about living in Michigan is car insurance.

Every six months I can count on my day getting ruined at the thought of contacting my health insurance provider for a password-protected PDF to give to my car insurance provider to save me from getting gouged by them when that auto-pay hits. But even that extra bit of work hardly keeps my car insurance from being nearly as expensive as my car payment itself.

As I told my coworkers, "My car insurance policy renewed and everything is worse now."

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Michigan, by far, pays the most for car insurance -- anywhere between 81-117% more than the national average, depending on your coverage.

Now, it's long been understood that the cause of the high premiums in the Mitten State are due to the 2019 no-fault insurance bill, and that's largely the truth. However, the aspects of that bill that raised prices appear to be settled, so once the market settles, prices should too.

Unfortunately, the pandemic happened and now inflation is hurting everyone's wallets and corporations want their money back from 2020. Remember how your rates plummeted during the pandemic? The gecko and mayhem mascots are looking to balance the books.

Of course, that's not the only factor making our rates go up. According to CBSNews, car repair costs are also a significant factor on the national scale. Less mechanics means more expensive and longer repairs, which pushes costs back onto insurance providers which they hand over to their customers.

While we could all use a break from these bills, don't be surprised when your premiums go up even though you had a spotless record and hit an age milestone between policies.

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